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About Us    
Riten Girish & Co. (RGC), a middle level Indian Chartered Accountancy Firm, was established by our senior partners CA Riten Singhal and CA Girish Kumar Narang in 1998 with an aim to provide wide range of quality based Accounting, Assurance and Financial Services to both Indian and global clients. Our team of experienced professionals have been providing high quality solutions and services in the diversified fields of Assurance, Accounting, Payroll Management, Taxation, Finance, Corporate Law and other related professional services. Our aim is to synthesize our knowledge and experience into value for the benefit of our clients, our people and the community at large.  
RGC values lies in its integrity and commitment, visible through its action and spirit. Our vision is clear and unambiguous. We are committed to create value for our clients by applying professional knowledge and expertise. We have set high Standards of Performance and are successful in positioning ourselves in the fast growing and dynamic arena of Assurance, Accounting, Payroll Management, Taxation and Compliance management.
We have a stated policy of ensuring that high quality services are provided to each client irrespective of its location and size. This we achieve by bringing the professional and analytical skills to an assignment, which we have developed, through our academic background, internal training, continuing professional education and engagement experience of our team.
Our technical abilities are combined with creativity and responsiveness in order to achieve a high level of client service and satisfaction. We possess fully equipped offices, at Noida and Delhi, with state of art IT infrastructure to help our team serve our clients in best possible manner.
We attribute our growth to our resolute pledge to client service, which is demonstrated through innovative approaches and solutions; quality and timely service; personal and frequent client contact and communication of latest developments.
RGC endorses the concept that client is the king. Honoring our commitments in fulfilling client needs and requirements to the best of their satisfaction is our key to success. All solutions and services are sensitized and webbed around client needs with strong thrust on proven control processes and paramount importance to quality. We also value growth. We believe that growth fuels opportunity for our clients. Company and market needs change and we want to be positioned to grow with our clients instead of having clients outgrow us. In addition to caring about one to one relationships, we believe in doing the right thing. Day to day that means we listen, we strive for improvement in all that we do and we value integrity. We cherish our team of qualified and experienced professionals who work hard day and night to bring their expertise and multi disciplinary skills to the assignments they handle in this complex regulatory framework.
Our clients are the indicators of our achievement. As such, they hold us to the highest standards of excellence. We dedicate nothing short of our best, and we undertake to continually bring innovative approaches with skills that are vital to succeed in today's environment. Quality service to its every client has given the firm its own identity and a strong firm client relationship.
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